Pocket-sized photographs – 22 May 2014

You’re still on the top of my list of things to forget,
Tucked away in a simple sheet of plastic,
Too small and fragile to hold the memory of a
fading past that used to keep me up at night.
The sadness piled up in a mountain
Headlines read: Avalanches Destroy Hundreds of Lives
Day in and day out the reporter signs off.

But an ominous figure, the shadow of your
heart lingers in the corner of my
mind so eager to grab onto some other girl
by the hips and call her

Your voice sent shivers down my spine as the thought of you in my life was so overwhelmingly
Unbelievable that it just did not make sense.
The flowers only bloomed in places God decided to shine the sunlight on,
we called out “sunshine!”, only to realise
we were our only form of divinity
because God forbid the river ever flows in the direction of the thirsty.

Instead we pick ourselves up from the patch of green land and
we walk until our legs bleed
and only when our legs bleed
do we talk about how we loved something
so unreachable, something that’s not in our lives now
and only then do we realise that people do not talk with their mouths
but with their entire beings.

We spoke in languages so closely related but so
a p a r t
Sometimes the thirsty are granted a sip of water.


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