What kind of place is this?

This place is too individualistic
and it’s sucking me dry.
It’s stealing every part of me
leaving me barren.
I feel like what was important
isn’t important anymore
and it scares me because who are you
when your essence is lost?
What is there to live for
when you don’t even have yourself
to be proud of?
There is absolutely nothing good about this
and what is really terrifying,
makes me crumble,
makes me shiver,
gets to me down to the bone,
is that maybe the world is like this,
and that’s what they’re preparing us for
because why would they want to lie to us?
Why would they want to steer thousands of fresh, young minds into a place so
dark and bleak
lock us up
shatter our dreams
just for kicks?
My worst fears are that this is truly
A city of lost dreams.

And my wide-eyed hopes will cease to exist
mere moments from now.

What kind of place is this,
What kind of hell-hole do we live in
where potential is forsaken,
ideas are taken away
ripped a p a r t
and after a long tireless process,
the products of society are perfect replicas of each other
Well read, well studied, well memorised
But void of a soul.


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