I sit here in transient space, I cannot be found, I cannot be heard. For this brief moment I do not exist, and all prayers for me are made in vain. There is an unnerving presence, dark and looming, but in this pit stop, all concept of time and space is lost. All is one, everything is nothing and nothing is everything. 

I look around me, squinting my eyes to look out as far as I can. Or can’t. The bright white light is blinding, or maybe I myself am already blind. I feel myself getting up. I would say my body stood up but I don’t know if I even have that anymore. I feel myself, my soul, my essence as a unique being in this oblivion being nowhere and now here. I am everywhere. But I /am/ everywhere. Everywhere is me, nothing else exists. My soul is free, free to explore everything else outside of the world, the universe. You would think that freedom would be more spectacular, but freedom itself is oppressive because you’re stuck in a place where you’re doomed to run out of things to do. So you think. Five seconds becomes five minutes becomes five years, five eternities, and you’ve thought about everything there is to think about. You’re bound, trapped by the walls of consciousness and now;
All you can do is just lie still.


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