One Take – 7 Sept 2014

You are my cancer,
To the mind you deny any form of humanity
You latch on and suck the joy out of
Young children
You ignite a thought in their minds,
And that thought beats on
Until they die.

You are a leading force,
In a place where teeth are made of metal
Our hearts pump steel and iron
Through our veins they power our muscles and limbs
That turn us, inch by inch,
Into just another robot

We are mechanical.
We rise and sing our robotic songs
And let our rigid melodies
Halloo into the heated night

“When will we rest?”
The question that everybody wants to ask
But nobody dares to think.

And so we say goodbye to our hopes and dreams
As we surrender our clothes and homes
To our masters
And we are made slaves
Until our fingers spit blood
Until our distant souls plead for an escape


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