Televised transitions

We stare; then blink excessively, trying to get rid of the flashes of light still lingering in our eyes. We take a deep breath and let our minds process as we begin occupying a space in between.

Reality and perception. They occur in our minds, (pause,) yet some things exist and some, not really, not in the real world.

Our thoughts, we cannot really control, we are infinitely vulnerable to the perceiving mind.

We confuse ‘fake thoughts’ with real thoughts, ‘manipulated emotions’ from genuine ones, we want to shun the effects of consumption and creation. We want to get back to the real world, otherwise we can’t work, otherwise we’d be too upset about our extensive emotional outputs at the ends of seasons.

Fictional situations conceive fictional emotions.
Only ‘real’ situations produce ‘real’ emotions.

We see our lives as projections for multiple consecutive split seconds. Reality crumbles. In a blur, we tighten our grips, we feel sick. We cling on, we feel empty. What’s in our minds gets pulled and stretched like gum
It snaps

Back to reality.


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