Hesitations – 15 Aug ’15

1. Hesitations;
Gone of life’s exaltations
We live and we breathe
We don’t really know what we want to see
We just follow the crowd
The common people who have common dreams and are commonly confident

See I’m not really good at rhyming
I don’t like how I sound
When I sing,
“It’s subpar”
So tell me where is my place in this world
A screenshot of a moment between perfection and creativity
The time you take before a kiss
Those moments they tell you to take notice

Are we ingrained with certain beliefs
Or do we really get to choose?
See I’m in a train right now
And all I see are common faces
On a common road
Do they hesitate as I do?

My mind is a blur
Can thoughts be creative, without a point in sight
Yet be impactful
And when
Will your craft prove its worth?
When is it safe to come out of the barracks

When do we step back
and. take. notice
Of the ins and outs
How do they do it, how are they so
Pristine Pure

2. When do we punctuate?
And when do we follow the flow of our minds

A place that screams for attention
(But shies away once you look at it)

Do you choose technique or expression
Are they even mutually exclusive?

3. Hesitation maketh man

Maybe I’m not too good a poet
Or not too good a singer
Or not too good in anything else I dwell in

Maybe I’m not perfect
But you know what?
I’m sure you’re not too.

4. I’ll read this again later and tell you how it goes


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