Help, I have no pants.

Would you help me?
I have no pants.

Go, she said, get a new pair!
Well I have no money.

What happened to your old ones?
They tore.

Well fix it them up!
I have no thread.

Listen to me
I have no pants. And I am sad.

Useless scum.
People like you shouldn’t exist.

Help me, I said,
I’m hungry.
You gotta get the food yourself.

I can’t get you pants,
You won’t pay me back.

Sure I’ll get you pants,
Don’t worry about it.

Thank you.
I don’t know what to say.

Do you understand
My predicament?

Grow up and get a job.

Don’t be such a coward.

I have no pants.
How do I get a job?

You should’ve thought of that before you lost your pants-
I didn’t lose my pants-

Thank you for these new pants,
I’ll help you too, one day.

You’re welcome!

Fuck off,
You leech.

I got up and decided to help anyone else in need.

Please try to understand.

Help, I have no pants.


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