I stand alone

as a single entity
walk along with the thought of you in my mind.

We look at the others and ask ourselves
“Baby, what’s wrong?”
We don’t know why we can’t be like the rest,
We want to be more but we’re stuck here;
We are less.

I stand alone
just  you  and  me.
How do we avoid loneliness?
How do we learn how to love?
How do we love?

How do I love me?

We are broken humans;
Broken down;
Free-willed, emotional, lost-
We are broken, broken down, we break each other

into fragments
of   you   and   me
We stand alone together.
How do we break each other?

A struggle to emulate quivers on your lips
When you try to tell me you love

We stand alone, separate from the facts
and feelings
of relative worlds,
and universal homes.

I stand alone with
you, trying to support
yourself,trying to support
me- I cannot fathom an ecosystem without you,
Yet I stand alone,
and in that loneliness,

We stand alone, together.


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