To, a Friend

“Speaking of
Your cotton candy lips
Might be a re-appropriation of words someone has used on me before”

1. We lay awake one night, in between and after moments of time bubbling over, hot
and volatile,
like a volcano,
Or hot soup.
Nourishing, and comforting –
You held my hand,
And maybe I meant that metaphorically because in reality you held my heart.

2. You fed me soup that night.

Your words were an echo of the swirling centre of a gyre,
A centre I once lived in.
Because you reminded me of a time of insecurities, fluffy exteriors and underlying heat
Notes of experience that lay dormant behind the layers of layers of lenses, magnifying, shrinking.
Your smile was a breath of fresh air I once captured and bottled up.

We shared a moment of expanding, contracting time
and stirred a concoction of shared souls.

3. For that brief moment between night and day, your voice dealt the bittersweet chime of coffee I desperately needed
to stay awake long enough to remember a time
before television.
As we endeavoured, you gripped me, spinning, we danced a song of time to the tune of yesterday, and today
Today is a new day.
We will stand up, walking straight into the light of tomorrow, existing between our shadows and the sun, learning to love ourselves once more as we enjoy the flavours of pain and love, telling ourselves that everything will be all right- thank you

Thank you for re-learning me your beautiful tongue.


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