12 June 2016

(I don’t really know how I feel about this poem I wrote but here it goes anyway):

Two worlds collide into one-

Into fireworks,
celebrating the holy month
While red paints the floors.
Quietly celebrate,
We are a community of quiet.
Second one quieter than the first,
both of me silenced.

Two of my worlds collided into one
bloodied mess.
Shuddering human bodies mopped the tiles with red
As we wash away our sins this holy month.
Hands quivering, cupped, faced up.

My two worlds don’t want to collide-
External hands don’t want to let go
of our necks
don’t want to let go
of their triggers.

held stole grieved grasp relieve

And silent prayers fill the air this holy month.
We pray for forgiveness
And we pray for hope
And we pray for peace and we pray for love.


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