Borderline Passive Aggression

The implication of something fresh,
Your heart races at New,
Implying that what you had
Was old
i.e, stale and boring.
No more: a breath of fresh air.

New is an indication of endless possibilities,
Ones you once gave up,
A reminder that maybe what’s old was a matter of perspective.

She’s new.
And New can mean two things.

It will continue being new
Or it will wither to old.
Do you maybe have a choice?

Perhaps this new provides rush
The off beat, the suspenseful, the unknown.
Never boring
while still new.

Because shiny new beats dullness any day,
Wouldn’t you say?
Wouldn’t you say it beats the monotony?
Or maybe in your words it’d give you hope for a new, un-envisioned future. Maybe that would wake you up with a smile on your face; and you would carpe the New diem.

Maybe then.
Maybe then New will remain new.
And old will cease to exist
from the tip of your tongue
from the creases of your lips.


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